Margaret "Peggy" Kim

Hi, I'm Peggy Kim and I'm the Founder and CEO of iSTANDtv.

Thanks for visiting our site and checking us out! As you can see, we are in the building stage of our company, but we have a vision of where we want to go and the impact we want to make. And, it's BIG! Our vision is to make a positive difference in the world by producing, promoting and distributing smart, edifying entertainment and informational content for and by young people around the world.

A little about myself...I am a former senior programming and production executive most known for my work at The History Channel, where I produced hit series and Peabody and Emmy award-winning programming. A few years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career. I had been very successful, working at the top broadcast and cable networks, earning the industry's top awards and critical acclaim for my work. And, I learned from the best, icons in the business. As I contemplated my next move and the changing media landscape, I found that there was no company that was doing the type of programming that I wanted to be a part of. What I wanted didn't exist. I had to create it. And, that's when the vision for iSTANDtv was born.

I love great stories. Stories that make me laugh, cry. Stories that inspire me, give me hope and make me want to do better. Stories that promote that which is truly good. I think that's what everybody loves. Great stories move us forward, as individuals, as a society and culture...and remind us what we STAND for.

My team and I want our viewers to feel smarter, wiser, stronger, inspired, and ready to take on life after watching our content. We also want to provide a safe, respectful environment for the sharing of different perspectives and healthy debate. We want to promote intellectual honesty and the pursuit of truth. After all, isn't it the truth that sets us free?

Our outlook is GLOBAL. We are open and excited to build partnerships here in the US and around the world with those who share this vision and want to join together to make it come to life...content creators, distributors, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, film festivals, media and tech companies, corporations and investors.

Do you want to change the world? Believe that you can! JOIN US. We want to hear from YOU!



At, we believe in the power of media, and we want to use that power for good! We are a global team of seasoned and young filmmakers, artists, techies and entrepreneurs, who are out to make a positive difference in the world by providing the top go-to platform for compelling stories that come from a perspective of hope and authenticity.

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