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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – A Spoiler-free Review

This comedy-ridden action-thriller follows Cruise and his wise-cracking team of agents (played by Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, and Ving Rhames) as they go undercover to escape the C.I.A. and expose the Syndicate at all costs. However, they are up against a …
thriller follows Cruise and his wise…ogue Nation is without a doubt an impressive thriller. Director Christopher McQuarrie doesn

Spectre - A Spoiler-free Review

Spectre is the latest James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig as 007, and picks up the story from where the highly-acclaimed Skyfall (also directed by Sam Mendes) leaves off. Bond is on the hunt for an organization called “Spectre” that links several
. What follows is a thriller that connects all of Bond