RELAY is a new podcast series on iSTANDtv, where mentees interview their mentors, who share their personal stories and relay words of wisdom. RELAY because we are in this race together, and we all have a baton to pass.

RELAY - episode 8 - Jake Fishbein & Coach Nick

Released February/1/2017

Writer and entrepreneur Jake Fishbein talks to his mentor, "Coach Nick" Papadopoulos, a leadership development and executive coach and radio show host. Nick gets real about his dad, an Immigrant from Greece, with whom he had 'an average relationship at best,' and how that impacted him. Nick talks about the anger and resentment he felt, the issues he never addressed with his dad before he passed away, and the journey that he's been on since where he's been able to forgive and understand his dad, and how that's inspired him to help other men have the courage to face issues, be vulnerable and be healed.

RELAY - episode 7 - Mark Malkoff & Tom Leopold

Released December/13/2016

Comedian Mark Malkoff talks to one of his heroes, Tom Leopold, comedy writer, performer and novelist. Most known for his work on Seinfeld and Cheers, Tom regales with stories of his big break, working with the comedic giants of his day...Steve Allen, Jonathan Winters, Chevy Chase...and the roast that Paul Shaffer threw him that will have you LYAO. Enjoy!

RELAY - episode 6 - Marcel Anderson & Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard

Released August/24/2016

Marcel Anderson talks to his mentor, Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard, VP and Associate General Counsel at BET Networks, about her journey from living in the projects in Harlem to meeting Nelson Mandela to where she is today. Khadijah shares about the power of DREAMING BIG and BEING RESILIENT and why she makes it a point to pay it forward everyday.

RELAY - episode 5 - Christopher Polnitz & Tina Simmons

Released July/20/2016

Christopher Polnitz talks to his mentor, Tina Simmons, SVP of Human Resources at Comcast Cable Central Division, who shares about how the POWER OF LISTENING brought her to where she is today.

RELAY - episode 4 - Chelsea Huss & Molly K. West

Released June/23/2016

This week on RELAY, Chelsea Huss talks to her mentor and Cornell alum, ESPN's VP of Global Business Operations, Molly West, about how rejection led to her start in the media business, the lessons she's learned as an athlete, and her passion for helping others.

RELAY - episode 3 - Giona Jefferson & Tomeka Carroll

Released June/7/2016

Giona Jefferson talks to Tomeka Carroll, alumna of Spelman Collage and current grad student at Georgetown University, about remaining resilient amidst uncertainty and how to look at failure.

RELAY - episode 2 - Judy Velasco & Meeka Jun Bondy

Released May/20/2016

Judy Velasco interviews her mentor, Meeka Jun Bondy, SVP of Business & Legal Affairs at HBO. Meeka shares about the challenges she's faced as a woman and a minority in her career, how she balances work-life, and her secret dream of being Larry King.

Giona Jefferson interviews Barbara Clarke Ruiz, CEO of BCSWIRL, Inc.

Released April/20/2016

Giona Jefferson interviews her mentor, Barbara Clarke Ruiz. Barbara is the CEO of BCSWIRL, Inc. and is an activewear design consultant, currently working with Venus Williams on her collection called EleVen.