Restart The Podcast

By Maria Perez

"I wish I would have done something like that!" is exactly what 24-year-old Host, Maria Perez, refuses to ever say. Maria and her newly retired father, Freddy, decide its time for a change of pace and head across the US for a month, documenting every move and conversation. Along the way they will speak to people and hear their stories of fearless life restarts while Maria figures out hers and Freddy enjoys his.

Restart 5.1 Brecken and Naiem's Story

Released November/25/2015

Brecken and Naiem are the definition of relationship goals as they decide to take a year off from work and travel together.

Restart Chapter 5. If This Is A Dream, Don't Wake Me Up

Released November/25/2015

Back home now (sadly) I reminisce on our final interviews on the road and make the decision that YES is always the answer.

Restart Chapter 4.1 Gabe's Restart

Released November/9/2015

Gabe DeTolla's full restart story. From what, why, and how.

Restart Chapter 4. Mental Not Physical

Released November/9/2015

Portland gave us a surprise in diversity and I find more purpose to this cause in California. I also found a new love, of music genre that is... come on guys I'm with my dad.

Restart Chapter 3.1 Federico's Restart

Released October/20/2015

Federico shares reasons behind his career change and new life direction, at age 40.

Restart Chapter 3. White Knuckling The Wheel

Released November/20/2015

Wheels up! (or down in our case): Nerves start to set in but helpful surprises are found when least expected.

Restart Chapter 2. Save the Date!

Released October/9/2015

The date is set, final preparations are being done but some seem to be harder than they look.

Restart Chapter 1. The Road to Restart

Released September/1/2015

Welcome to Restart the Podcast!

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