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Megan Barry

Released May/10/2016

Megan Barry is the seventh mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. Her election in the Sept. 10, 2015, runoff, after receiving the most votes in the Aug. 6 general election, represents a historic milestone as she is the first female mayor of Nashville.

Rose Marcario

Released July/18/2016

Rose Marcario assumed the role of President and CEO of Patagonia in January 2014. Prior to this, Marcario served as CEO of Patagonia Works, the parent company of Patagonia, Inc., Patagonia’s COO and CFO. After joining Patagonia in 2008, Marcario quickly embarked on transforming the company’s infrastructure to improve its operations and financial performance.

Judy Robinett

Released December/4/2015

Judy Robinett, Owner of JRobinett Enterprises and Author of "How to Be a Power Connector," a woman who started out in life as a shy introvert, but learned that talking to people, and using their experience and networks, would eventually lead to accelerated growth and profitability."

​Paula Froelich

Released October/13/2015

Paula Froelich, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Travel, a woman who's need for meaning in her work, led her to leave a busy career in writing for a gossip column with the New York Time's, "Page Six," to take on a new role with Yahoo Travel in order to bring stories from around the world.​

Vicki Barghout

Released September/8/2015

Vicki Barghout, CEO of Viver Health, a woman who's own journey with Cancer began just prior to the birth of her second born, and led to her mission to provide a simple and fact based guide to living a healthy life.