Patrick Andy

Sep 25, 2020

Our special guest is composer, musician, and bassist, PATRICK ANDY. He’s traveled all over the world, touring with artists like Wyclef Jean, Meddy Gerville, and others; plays with the Times Square Church band in NYC; and performs with his own Patrick Andy Band. Patrick's new album is called MIFALIA, which means REJOICE in Malagasy. In this conversation, Patrick talks about the inspiration for his album, which is a collection of new songs with his own unique African vibe and a Malagasy version of "His Eye is On the Sparrow," sung by his sister. The album features world-renowned artists: Wyclef Jean, Meddy Gerville, Emmanuel Felicite, Juan "Carlito" Mendoza, Leni Stern, Eli Menezes, Benny Martinez, among others. But, it also includes the musical contributions of up-and-coming artists like Ivory McDonald, a choir from Magadascar, and others. Patrick shares about what it was like to move from Madagascar to NYC, knowing little to no English and working in a warehouse for 3 years to survive, and finally, taking a leap of faith to pursue his music full-time. Completely self-taught, today he is one of the most sought-after bassists in the world. His story as an immigrant and independent artist is not an unfamiliar one, but his humility, humor, and musical heart are all his own. MIFALIA is available here:



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