Standing Room Only
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    The Pursuit of Truth

    Jul 14, 2015| by admin

    Do you stand for truth? Do you like the idea of truth? Most of us do. We have all heard the phrase “The truth will set you free.” It’s actually from the Bible in the book of John. But, the truth is it seems that people have gotten too lazy to actually pursue truth. And so, false claims or wrong thinking is touted as “truth” and is being accepted as such. There was once such a thing as

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    What does it mean to stand for something?

    Apr 01, 2015| by admin

    Many people don’t know what they stand for until they have been affected by something personally or been confronted by a situation where they’ve been forced to make a choice. Some people assume a stance just as a default position. They have been conditioned to act in a certain way, perhaps,...

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